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Product Detail

PPRC Male Threaded Union (PN-20) PAKPEN PAKPLAST

PPRC Usage Areas
  • In-house hot water and cold water systems.
    - In-house heating systems.
    - Industrial systems.
9729 PKR

Standard Delivery Charges will be Apply.
  • Pakplast is highly resistant to polypropylene tubular chemicals. It can work in acidic and basic environments. Pakplast The raw material of polypropylene pipes conforms to PPRC Type-3, TSENISO 15874 standard.
  • Pakplast polypropylene pipes are stainless, not subject to corrosion.
  • If the inner surface of the Pakplast polypropylene pipes is smooth, the particles in the fluid can not hold onto the inner surface of the pipe and the time-dependent cross-sectional narrowing is not the case.
  • Pakplast polypropylene pipes do not trap moss and bacteria will not reoccur.
  • Pakplast polypropylene pipes have hygiene certificate, international hygiene certificate and health certificate from hygiene institute.
  • Pakplast is a polypropylene pipe joint, unbreakable.
  • Pakplast polypropylene pipes are easy to install. It reduces labor costs by saving labor and time.
  • Pakplast is made of polypropylene boron, easily transported and stocked.
  • In Pakplast polypropylene pipe plaster applications, there is no need for special insulation material on the pipe, as it does not react with materials such as cement and lime.
  • Pakplast polypropylene pipes are resistant to high temperatures and can be used safely at 95 ° C, which is the maximum temperature that can be generated in heating installations.
  • The service life of Pakplast polypropylene pipes is 50 years. It can go up to 100 years.
  • Relevant standards TS 9937, DIN 8077-78, DIN 4726-28
  • It does not give fire, it is furnished without fire.